Anubis Rising EP

by Tiger Moon

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Debut EP from Tiger Moon


released October 12, 2013

Lyrics/Vocals: Zopi Kristjanson a.k.a. ZigZagZig and Chanel Kim a.k.a. Meow-Lin
Featuring: Ruby Velle
Beats: Chris Devoe
Mix/Master: Mason Brown



all rights reserved


Tiger Moon Atlanta, Georgia

Reborn on the moon in 1996, samurai kittens ZigZagZig and Meow-Lin spit rhymes about their metaphorical journey through the underworld. They get krunk with Dionysus, cast "Moon Tang" magic on the fellas, battle with Egyptian God Anubis, and eventually reach a state of enlightenment. Welcome to Tiger Moon's Luna-verse. ... more

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Track Name: Vice is Right
Vice is Right

My name is Zig-Zag-Zig
I’m yo zig zag zigga,
Can I get a cigga?
It helps maintain my figga!
What’s up Doc?
What’s up?
What’s the problem?
I eat a lot of carrots and I always use a condom.
Lemme smoke like a dope,
Like a joke, like a sailor.
If I start coughing, pass me the inhaler!

Meow! Meow!
It’s the Meow-Lin style!
We be creating dialects
like Esparanto,
enjoying sweet cocktails like tha Toronto
Pass me some o’dat bourbon to sip
So I can get frisky like a kitten on nip.

Meowziltov, Meow-Lin!

Aw yeah, the vice is right
We gonna fly tonight

Aw yeah, we getting looney tunes
Take ya straight to da moon
With that luna swoon

Who dat cat, who dat cat
that spits phat raps?
It’s Zig Zag Zigital,
Fierce with a sword
and Mega Metaphysical

Saturn in da club
sipping on that bubbly
Trying to rub up on me
Like Ima rubber ducky
I’m like hey, Mr. Lover
You gotta be crazy
Are you smokin doze again
Or just a lil hazy?

Aw yeah, the vice is right
We gonna fly tonight

Aw yeeah, we getting looney tunes
Take ya straight to da moon
With that luna swoon

He said gurl, I’m feelin’ high
Like teen wolf playing b-ball
I wanna get to know ya
And hang out wich’ya people
I had some courvesier
And yeah, you make me crazy
But I can tell by your moves
You’re a Foxy Lady
Michael J. Foxy Lady
AKA Teena Wolf

Aight aight, the vice is right.
It’s that kinda night,
And we feel real tight
Damn that whiskey rye
Went down like oh my my!!
Meow pow pow,
We just s-killed it!
Kil-gored em to neva see again!
Reborn on moon with elegance and fury,
Axe and sword rise with dark glory
Now we so high, high up to the sky
Dunno where my keys are, who is this guy?
Won’t stop to think
Just gimme a drink

Someone grab a mop
to clean up all the slop
Dionysus and his crew
getting over the top

Where’s my hotel or the ospedale?
Throwing up spaghetti like Batali
Got a pocket full of glitter and a credit card
My mini skirt on so yr dick is hard

Wanna dance with the devil
in the pale moon light
snort cocaine with Bruce Wayne
Yeah, the vice is so tight

Shit is getting sick in here
like gaudy floral curtains
my lungs are collasping
and my body’s hurtin’

Ouch! I’m dying...
versace versace versace versace versace
Track Name: Moon Tang
Moon Tang

Like a yin yang,
the moon tang’s a little naughty
but it’s surrounded by the goodness
of a feminine body

It’s 1996,
Year of Tiger Moon again
Bringin’ luna swoon to men
Curves like a cresent
Think we’d be heaven sent,
Up till twilight, lookin out for tiger light,
Can’t get no sleep
Cause you dream about me
I’ll sneak into your sheets
And bite ya like a vamp from Buffy

We're moontangin' and bangin'
I like my bangs looong
Like Joey Ramone
I got some dope songs

Moonrockin' and poppin'
Fresh of the boat
We be wrestlin’ with gators
and a man that’s half-goat

Moondancin’ romancing
We retts to set off
We be flyer than hell
so you can wack off

Bang Bang Bang
We doin our thang
Get yourself ready for tha Moon Tang

Meow Meow Meow
Feel the power
Tiger Moon rising in the midnight hour

Wait til ya see what happens in bed
Imagine fields of poppies
All turn from blue to red
You’re like, “I Surrender Dorothy!”
but I’m not even done
That’s when you’ll find the Moon Tang
is the meaning of Fun

The first taste of the Moon Tang,
you’ll be speechless, veklempt
like the dummy Michael dated
on Arrested Development

La La La La La,
your tongue rolls to the floor
You’ll be begging like rover
send over some more
But I’m too hot to handle
And too cold to hold
I got erry Ghostbuster tryin’ to buy me gold

Our ship is magical, mystical, spitting elegant lyricals
Strut like tiger style from up a thousand miles
Rub me right and I’ll purr for ya twice
Then sparkle your desire cause my touch so fire,

Bang Bang Bang
We doin our thang
Get yourself ready for tha Moon Tang

Meow Meow Meow
Feel the power
Tiger Moon rising in the midnight hour

Get with that Moon Tang
(It's never disappointing)

Get with that Moon Tang
(Like a sweet wet orchid)
Track Name: Pluto Man

All I need right now
is a Pluto man
with some tiger style
Like zee wu tang clan
He got a sword like a souljah!
I invite him ovah
Fly me to the moon
Then we spoon
Looney Tunes!
Got dat jazz like Taz
Got me wild like zee devil
Seeing tweety birds spinnin
trying to get myself level
He's gotta come correct with the interplanetary
I don’t got no time for no Tom, Dick or Harry.

Fuck the obedience I learned in the circus
I'm like a caged Tigre that's goin berserkers
I’m tired of these clowns
and their watered-down flowers
Re-born on the Moon and I got special powers
Zig-zapp ya,
Entrap ya
like a lobster in maine
You’ll be wondering what’s making you so insane
Like the Scarecrow, wondering if you only had a brain

A man who can handle that gat
and wine and dine me
And knows how I love it
on the rocks with the lime
Then we get busy, real hot and dizzy
Enter the Cave of Forgotten Dreams
Paws without claws
In a car full of a steam
Cat doesn’t call me, until I whistle
Gotta be a gangsta
For Moonshine Danger

I need a P-L-U-T-O Man
P-L-U-T-O Man
Where he at? Where he at?
There he is!
I knew this

You a mothafuckin mirage
A joke like that show Tosh
point 0 my gosh
I ain’t that smitten,
Leggo that eggo
I ain’t your kitten

Oh you think you got that Kubla Khan kinda dong?
You ain’t that strong
Oh, Captain Captivating
Better off masterbatin’
And sailing on…

You a playa, right?
We gonna melt ya twice
Like syrup or magma
you got mama trauma?
Whip ya, Whip ya
Like Miracle dip ya

He’s so sugary sweet,
but we bring the icy heat

Like Tiger Balm
Keepin calm,
Always land on our feet

Flows so smooth like shoalin moves

Tryin' to get the right fella in our orbit
When a douche calls,
we ignore it


I need a P-L-U-T-O Man

Take care fool,
we’ gonna make you drool
like Pavlov’s Dawg
“Ding Dong. You’re Dead!”

Boys be trying to get us on dat Sweet & Low
But we like oh hell no
Is you Steve or Stevia
Or I am gonna Leave Ya?

Agave nectar
you think you gotta sceptor
You ain’t no king
Got no galactic bling

Trying to reel me in with that crystal blue persuasion
But youz a small-minded playa
I heard you only fuck asians

We got bettah things to do
than suck on lolli-pops
We be tigers on the moon making hip hop.
There is no Equal!
Throw your hands up people!
Track Name: Satisfaction on the Sword (feat. Ruby Velle)
Satisfaction on the Sword

We travel Eons and Eons
to rattle you Pee-ons
out from your slumber
Betta call a plumber
Cause we busting out pipes
Time is ripe, like a plum
Better pick the best dumpling
out from the dim sum

Dudes were losing their heads
Like in cephalophory
Saturn’s rings cut their necks
Shit was bloody and gory

By Saturday morning,
the flies were too much
But there was No Exit
and the kids had lost touch

Can’t get none of that
Until you can smile at
dying on the sword

Reborn from below
flesh is dead
but soul got glow
from Socrates to Sophocles,
We the light and dark,
a cat of many hearts,
Feather's the weight-less
is the state.
Say "kai me ton kuna"
then send ya to the moona
Luna-see, itsa philosophy
Like Tyger Tyger By Billy Blake
Fire in our eyes, make no mistake

Can’t get none of that
Until you can smile at
dying on the sword

We got lotions and potions
like sephora at lenox
picking out lipsticks
which one is the reddest?
I walked into Macy’s,
saw an Egyptian sign
behind Anubis,
weighing all the hearts of people in line

Victoria’s Secret is that she never gets laid
While motherfuckas in Vegas wear pajamas in plaid
watching blondes take their wigs off
and disappear in a poof
Under the black water
of the fountain of youth

We died 1000 times, covered all your swords with blood
Been through hurricanes, rapes, killer bee swarms, and floods
Don’t tell me to keep calm, carry on, I’ll rip your face/off
and feed it to my tigers Nick Cage and John Travolta.

Buried like the body of Antigone’s brother,
Met the underworld, a realm of the other
Let it all go to make our amends
Died to rise and i'd do it all again

From lunar dust and spirit
Reflect eternal

Tiger Moon Rising