Vice is Right

from by Tiger Moon

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Tiger Moon begins their journey in da club, partying with Dionysus and Saturn.


Vice is Right

My name is Zig-Zag-Zig
I’m yo zig zag zigga,
Can I get a cigga?
It helps maintain my figga!
What’s up Doc?
What’s up?
What’s the problem?
I eat a lot of carrots and I always use a condom.
Lemme smoke like a dope,
Like a joke, like a sailor.
If I start coughing, pass me the inhaler!

Meow! Meow!
It’s the Meow-Lin style!
We be creating dialects
like Esparanto,
enjoying sweet cocktails like tha Toronto
Pass me some o’dat bourbon to sip
So I can get frisky like a kitten on nip.

Meowziltov, Meow-Lin!

Aw yeah, the vice is right
We gonna fly tonight

Aw yeah, we getting looney tunes
Take ya straight to da moon
With that luna swoon

Who dat cat, who dat cat
that spits phat raps?
It’s Zig Zag Zigital,
Fierce with a sword
and Mega Metaphysical

Saturn in da club
sipping on that bubbly
Trying to rub up on me
Like Ima rubber ducky
I’m like hey, Mr. Lover
You gotta be crazy
Are you smokin doze again
Or just a lil hazy?

Aw yeah, the vice is right
We gonna fly tonight

Aw yeeah, we getting looney tunes
Take ya straight to da moon
With that luna swoon

He said gurl, I’m feelin’ high
Like teen wolf playing b-ball
I wanna get to know ya
And hang out wich’ya people
I had some courvesier
And yeah, you make me crazy
But I can tell by your moves
You’re a Foxy Lady
Michael J. Foxy Lady
AKA Teena Wolf

Aight aight, the vice is right.
It’s that kinda night,
And we feel real tight
Damn that whiskey rye
Went down like oh my my!!
Meow pow pow,
We just s-killed it!
Kil-gored em to neva see again!
Reborn on moon with elegance and fury,
Axe and sword rise with dark glory
Now we so high, high up to the sky
Dunno where my keys are, who is this guy?
Won’t stop to think
Just gimme a drink

Someone grab a mop
to clean up all the slop
Dionysus and his crew
getting over the top

Where’s my hotel or the ospedale?
Throwing up spaghetti like Batali
Got a pocket full of glitter and a credit card
My mini skirt on so yr dick is hard

Wanna dance with the devil
in the pale moon light
snort cocaine with Bruce Wayne
Yeah, the vice is so tight

Shit is getting sick in here
like gaudy floral curtains
my lungs are collasping
and my body’s hurtin’

Ouch! I’m dying...
versace versace versace versace versace


from Anubis Rising EP, released October 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Tiger Moon Atlanta, Georgia

Reborn on the moon in 1996, samurai kittens ZigZagZig and Meow-Lin spit rhymes about their metaphorical journey through the underworld. They get krunk with Dionysus, cast "Moon Tang" magic on the fellas, battle with Egyptian God Anubis, and eventually reach a state of enlightenment. Welcome to Tiger Moon's Luna-verse. ... more

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