Pluto Man

from by Tiger Moon

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Where's Pluto Man at? A rip on Method Man's You're All I Need, with Looney Tunes references and a play on artificial sweeteners.



All I need right now
is a Pluto man
with some tiger style
Like zee wu tang clan
He got a sword like a souljah!
I invite him ovah
Fly me to the moon
Then we spoon
Looney Tunes!
Got dat jazz like Taz
Got me wild like zee devil
Seeing tweety birds spinnin
trying to get myself level
He's gotta come correct with the interplanetary
I don’t got no time for no Tom, Dick or Harry.

Fuck the obedience I learned in the circus
I'm like a caged Tigre that's goin berserkers
I’m tired of these clowns
and their watered-down flowers
Re-born on the Moon and I got special powers
Zig-zapp ya,
Entrap ya
like a lobster in maine
You’ll be wondering what’s making you so insane
Like the Scarecrow, wondering if you only had a brain

A man who can handle that gat
and wine and dine me
And knows how I love it
on the rocks with the lime
Then we get busy, real hot and dizzy
Enter the Cave of Forgotten Dreams
Paws without claws
In a car full of a steam
Cat doesn’t call me, until I whistle
Gotta be a gangsta
For Moonshine Danger

I need a P-L-U-T-O Man
P-L-U-T-O Man
Where he at? Where he at?
There he is!
I knew this

You a mothafuckin mirage
A joke like that show Tosh
point 0 my gosh
I ain’t that smitten,
Leggo that eggo
I ain’t your kitten

Oh you think you got that Kubla Khan kinda dong?
You ain’t that strong
Oh, Captain Captivating
Better off masterbatin’
And sailing on…

You a playa, right?
We gonna melt ya twice
Like syrup or magma
you got mama trauma?
Whip ya, Whip ya
Like Miracle dip ya

He’s so sugary sweet,
but we bring the icy heat

Like Tiger Balm
Keepin calm,
Always land on our feet

Flows so smooth like shoalin moves

Tryin' to get the right fella in our orbit
When a douche calls,
we ignore it


I need a P-L-U-T-O Man

Take care fool,
we’ gonna make you drool
like Pavlov’s Dawg
“Ding Dong. You’re Dead!”

Boys be trying to get us on dat Sweet & Low
But we like oh hell no
Is you Steve or Stevia
Or I am gonna Leave Ya?

Agave nectar
you think you gotta sceptor
You ain’t no king
Got no galactic bling

Trying to reel me in with that crystal blue persuasion
But youz a small-minded playa
I heard you only fuck asians

We got bettah things to do
than suck on lolli-pops
We be tigers on the moon making hip hop.
There is no Equal!
Throw your hands up people!


from Anubis Rising EP, released October 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Tiger Moon Atlanta, Georgia

Reborn on the moon in 1996, samurai kittens ZigZagZig and Meow-Lin spit rhymes about their metaphorical journey through the underworld. They get krunk with Dionysus, cast "Moon Tang" magic on the fellas, battle with Egyptian God Anubis, and eventually reach a state of enlightenment. Welcome to Tiger Moon's Luna-verse. ... more

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