Satisfaction on the Sword (feat. Ruby Velle)

from by Tiger Moon

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Song from Tiger Moon's first EP Anubis Rising, featuring Ruby Velle


Satisfaction on the Sword

We travel Eons and Eons
to rattle you Pee-ons
out from your slumber
Betta call a plumber
Cause we busting out pipes
Time is ripe, like a plum
Better pick the best dumpling
out from the dim sum

Dudes were losing their heads
Like in cephalophory
Saturn’s rings cut their necks
Shit was bloody and gory

By Saturday morning,
the flies were too much
But there was No Exit
and the kids had lost touch

Can’t get none of that
Until you can smile at
dying on the sword

Reborn from below
flesh is dead
but soul got glow
from Socrates to Sophocles,
We the light and dark,
a cat of many hearts,
Feather's the weight-less
is the state.
Say "kai me ton kuna"
then send ya to the moona
Luna-see, itsa philosophy
Like Tyger Tyger By Billy Blake
Fire in our eyes, make no mistake

Can’t get none of that
Until you can smile at
dying on the sword

We got lotions and potions
like sephora at lenox
picking out lipsticks
which one is the reddest?
I walked into Macy’s,
saw an Egyptian sign
behind Anubis,
weighing all the hearts of people in line

Victoria’s Secret is that she never gets laid
While motherfuckas in Vegas wear pajamas in plaid
watching blondes take their wigs off
and disappear in a poof
Under the black water
of the fountain of youth

We died 1000 times, covered all your swords with blood
Been through hurricanes, rapes, killer bee swarms, and floods
Don’t tell me to keep calm, carry on, I’ll rip your face/off
and feed it to my tigers Nick Cage and John Travolta.

Buried like the body of Antigone’s brother,
Met the underworld, a realm of the other
Let it all go to make our amends
Died to rise and i'd do it all again

From lunar dust and spirit
Reflect eternal

Tiger Moon Rising



from Anubis Rising EP, track released October 12, 2013
Vocals: Zopi Kristjanson a.k.a ZigZagZig and Chanel Kim a.k.a. MeowLin and Ruby Velle
Beats: Chris Devoe
Mix/Master: Mason Brown



all rights reserved


Tiger Moon Atlanta, Georgia

Reborn on the moon in 1996, samurai kittens ZigZagZig and Meow-Lin spit rhymes about their metaphorical journey through the underworld. They get krunk with Dionysus, cast "Moon Tang" magic on the fellas, battle with Egyptian God Anubis, and eventually reach a state of enlightenment. Welcome to Tiger Moon's Luna-verse. ... more

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